7272 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5E

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The problem with this building is that alot of tenants don't report their bug problem so it spreads through the building. I got rid of bed bugs once, and have them again because my neighbor is so infested and didn't report it now the whole floor has them. a lot of people also bring in stuff that is thrown out even though there are signs posted that its bed bug infested.

This building has had bedbugs since 2001 and the incompetent management have done nothing but make their buddies the exterminators rich and steadily employed. I bought an industrial steamer as they finally got me in 2007, and although I was able to beat the little buggers back into submission, they eventually come back time after time. BCHousing thought that lowering the water temperature was a great way to save money, so now the buggers are using the drains to move around as well as the water i

s too cold to kill them anymore. Brilliant morons. The management thought that the perfect solution was to throw anything infested out to the trash, and now they charge you for disposing of it as well, again, giving the work/money to their other buddies in the disposal business who also take the good items and sell them in their store located at 6th & Edmonds. The old garbage room would have been an ideal room to turn into a heat-treatment room but the caretaker feels it is more important that he keeps gasoline powered vehicles stored there contrary to the fire inspector's direct orders to remove them as the building is not designed to contain massive explosive materials within the interior. Bedbugs aren't the only pests within this building as the caretaker also will break-in to the suites and steal things from tenants even when cameras are watching and the upper management continues to protect him from being fired for such ridiculous antics. So the moral is, the bedbugs come in all shapes and sizes in this place.

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August 2010.

This is mostly senior building, my mom had bedgugs there before even she is probably the cleanest resident in this building.This problem has been there for years and BC Housing can not rid off it once for all. It would be better if BC Housing move all the residents to hotel and they try to fumigate the place. My mom had bed bugs before and now she was only one on the floor who did not get it, until recently she noticed one while vaccuming.She is single senior with low - income an

d I can not afford again to buy her new bed and furniture that was changed once before.
This is big problem as the whole building is heavilly infested with bedbugs.

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The problem at in this building is now so severe that new residents find themselves having bedbugs within days and weeks of moving in.

BC Housing is losing the battle in this building.

This is a BC Housing building that is very well maintained and clean...but has a significant bed bud problem.

The management is always on top of treatments and informing residents how not to cultivate the problem but the bugs have the upper hand! They spray units and the bugs just move next door. They enter the building on people, their belongs, their guests, newspaper deliveries, building deliveries, pets - just everywhere!

I\'m becoming a twitchy itchy person even when nothing is there!

Atleast cockcroaches and mice etc. don\'t crawl all over you in the middle of the night to suck your blood like a buffet! Ahhhh!

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This building is infested with bedbugs, and though the Government agency running the building is trying to deal with the problem it remains infested.

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