7268 Balmoral St
Burnaby, BC V5E

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I've lived in this building for a long time and yes there was problems a few years ago. But there hasn't been a problem since. The owner of the building and the landlord are working very hard to clean things up. Fresh paint. Fresh patios. No bugs no roaches and I haven't seen a mouse Ina long time. This is a decent building with a lot of families and seniors.

Well i lived her for 2 years now, n i been going threw ALLOT of issues still of bed bugs mice and roaches.. thank god i am moving out, but the only way to get ridd of this is get ridd of Addi and her lazy drunk BF who does everything thing(witch is nothing) around this building! Addi wont pay for anything to be done or she will ignore the fact that she is a lazy no good for nothing land lord..
what kind of land lord sits and drinks all day while her zero skilled bf does work around he

re and says they can not do anything.. So they still breed mice and bed bugs and roaches ........WASTE OF MONEY TO RENT HERE! GOOD CHEAP RENT BUT REALLY BAD BUILDING!

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I had got bed bugs in this building last year, and they took care of them.
and now i have nothing to itch, it just made my fucken week worse! i have nothing to pick any more on my body, what else is there to pick at now?

Im happy to report i havent had a bite in a couple months now... just to check they dont come back !

I am so sick of complaining and nothing has been done , not only bloody bed bugs , now cockroaches and then to find out yesterday my boyfriend found a bloody mice in the apartment , rent keeps getting higher and higher and higher, but this building is so infested , we can't be the only ones, got rid of both beds , spent so much money on sprays whatever we can get..08/21/09 address 7165 Fulton Ave

I been itchy for days... but im the only one in the apartment getting bites..... :( Im sorry your moving. I wish you could stay and help get something done..... Im scared as your suite is on the same floor

recently found out there is also roaches.. seen 2 yesterday, the landlord doesnt think she should do anything. i would take a stand with you im done with this. im moving by the end of this month. im still calling health inspector and wether im here or not i will make sure something gets done about this. shouldnt have to pay to live in torture. lorena suite 210!

So i just moved in a short while ago and well guess what... Oh yay.. like the freaking mice were not fun enough to find out about... now there is freaking bed bugs too ! this is freaking lovely..... Now what should i do .. and i dont think I should have to pay for this crap ! We at this building should take a stand and get something done !

Sincerly , One pissed off person !

there still here!!!! this is f***ing sick.. i feel like a walking disease!!

we've been sprayed.. hope it works..

the landlord is doing the best she can to get these creeps out of here.. its all up to the to the pest control now.

there is no way i could have brought these creeps in my home.. i have a 1 year old and i dont want her suffering for itchiness and i know how annoying and frustrating it is. i feel really dirty due to this problem. at first i just thought it was mosquito bites because of the season but no i seen one and now i see there has already been a report of them and that was 1 month ago. every time there is a problem it seems they take forever to fix it but with this im not gonna let it slide. it must be

taking care of right away.

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This building has suites with infestation of bedbugs and the management is trying to get the actual occupants to pay for bedbug treatments. As a result, treatment is very slow and the problem is quickly spreading.

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