7107 Fulton Ave
Burnaby, BC V5E

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Thank you Beth C. for your report, research and warning it is appreciated. I agree completely since I am a tenant here and can verify that everything in your report is completely true. Just recently in January 2011, 3 suites were treated for bedbug infestations on the main floor. One of the suites had reported a bedbug infestation back in September of 2010 and had even filed a tenancy branch dispute for his bedbug infestation but at hearing in January 2011 Sonia Panic asked Dean the current land

lord if this tenant had reported a bedbug issue. Dean said no not to me. What do you think that a dispute resolution regarding bedbugs filed in September 2010 that you both attended in January 2011 was telling you? Believe it or not this tenant was not able to prove his loss due to bedbugs. The arbitrator was so biased that the majority of the tenants gave up on their claims because she was selected to preside over all the hearings of the tenants of this building in their joint application that was divided so that each tenant had to provide proof on their own. I have heard that a few people have moved from the second floor as a result of bedbug infestations there. Gateway Management have changed their policy now so they do tell new prospective tenants that there was a bedbug problem in the building in the past but that it is now under control and eradicated. Any new tenants who take a suite here after being told of the problem do so of their own free will and choice. Any infestations and losses as a result to furniture and of enjoyment that may result after you move in will be your own loss. Tenants have already lost thousands of dollars in furniture to this building from bedbug infestations. Many have left all their furniture behind and have been unable to get a cent for it. Many who have been infested cannot move now unless they leave all their furniture behind otherwise they would be held responsible for any infestation wherever they move. The losses are multiplying exponentially. Consider everything carefully!

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I was recently considering moving to this building and I am so glad that I didn't. When I was shown the second floor unit, I seen small little bugs almost pin hole size running from the bedroom window ledge. I have heard that many buildings were becoming heavily infested with them. I asked the gentlemen who was showing me the unit if there were any bed bugs in the building. He was first reluctant to say but then said that they were infected two or three years ago but the building no longer h

as them. I truly believe that what I see was tiny bed bugs in the bedroom.

After my visit with the gentlemen, I spoke to a few different tenants who live in the building and different ones told me that the building company "Gateway Management" refused to take care of this issue when it was first reported and they know different people are currently in court action against Gateway Management Properties. They went on to tell me that the building still has bed bugs, while not as many all it takes is one and I personally seen 3 or 4 of them in the daytime, when there seen mostly at night.

This turned me off from renting the unit but being that my son is a lawyer; I wanted to know a little more about the legalities of renting a building which is infested with bed bugs.

He said "Mom do not move into anything which is run by Gateway Management with offices in Delta British Columbia as they manage hundreds of different buildings all of them infested with bed bugs. And an equally number of litigation cases against them going all the way to the Supreme Court of British Columbia due to negligence on the part of the management company for not taking immediate, corrective action and any action that they take is a cheap Band-Aid job."

Finally, my son told me that should I move into a building which has any sort of pre-existing conditions such as bed bugs, I would have no legal recourse if something did happen as you would have given them implied consent so all of my possessions would be lost and the property management company would not have to pay me a dime.

So people take my advice Stay Away From This Building and if my son is right as by the sounds of others in the building any property run by Gateway Property Management.

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As of January 25, 2011, there is still a problem with bedbugs at 7107 Fulton Avenue. I have received new bites over the past few weeks, and the Property Manager has been notified of the ongoing issue.

This building is infested with bed bugs because Gateway Property Management has been completely negligent and purposely have chosen to try to save money for Raamco International Properties Canadian Ltd. by claiming that this is the first time this problem has been brought to her attention when tenants call to report this problem when in fact she has been aware of this problem going back 4 years. Reports and requests for treatment were ignored and the most economical pest control company was sele

cted. Tenants have now had treatments ranging from 1 to 10. A new pest control company has recently been hired and the problem is now getting more attention mostly because tenants themselves have taken the problem in hand and have gone from door to door to discuss the problem with one another and to together file a tenancy branch dispute resolution for loss and damages as well as for loss of enjoyment damages under section 32 (1) of the act.

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My mother currently lives in this apartment building. They did an inspection for them last week on March 29th and followed up with a treatment on March 31st. It is a fairly large apartment building in a low income area. I doubt them will be able to get rid of them but I will follow up.

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