7050 Balmoral St
Burnaby, BC V5E

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Just after Christmas 2014, I arrived home to find a notice under my door. It was to inform me that a bug inspection team would be inspecting my apartment for bedbug activity. It was claimed that this was "routine" but in the few years I lived there I had never had one of these. A few days later I was informed that I would have to vacate and prep my unit for insecticide use, a huge inconvenience but necessary I suppose. The following week I was again subjected to another inspection. While my unit

was determined to be bug free I learned from fellow tenants that it was my neighbor who was infested. The landlord seems to be on top of this situation but it should be noted for future tenants that there has been activity in this building. I only wish they had been honest enough to inform me that this was happening and not by way of a "routine" inspection notice.

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