6985 Walker Ave
Burnaby, BC V5E

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Exterminator was called for bedbugs and sprayed once. Exterminator expected to come back for then necessary followup (to get rid of bedbugs that had hatched from eggs) but no follow up was requested by management company.

Bedbugs on second floor problem still unaddressed since october.

Bed bugs found on second floor
October 2014

i hear people talking about the bedbugs but have any of you thought about this buildings do not cause these problems the people who live in them do and usually the ones who complain about it and do nothing to solve the problems are the biggest problem and when they move from bldg to bldg all they do is to spread the problem. i don't like or want bedbugs and i do not have them. but next time you see a dumpster diver remember the bedbugs because they usually resell their stuff to people and don't

tell them.

see full report...

has there been any new reports for this building on bedbugs since 01/07/2010 .. has it been cleaned up ??

Bedbugs found in apartment on 3rd floor of this building! 306, 307, 308, 309, found recently in 304! 2nd floor 201, 202

Also ant infestation and cockroaches, as well as mice in some of the apartments....

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