6971 Linden Ave
Burnaby, BC V5E

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This building is full with bed bugs ,management is scrap and the building is a really an health concern

I just wanted to warn everyone about Windsor Apartments. If you ask the landlord if there are bedbugs here they will lie to your face. There are a few infested units on the 1st and 2nd floor. I also spoke to a couple tenants from the other units which is how I know about the other infested units.

When I first suspected the bedbugs, I asked the landlord if there are bedbugs in the building. He told me no and said that my bites could be from allergies. I did end up finding a bedbug one day an

d my apartment has been sprayed since. But as I know only infested unit get sprayed not the surrounding units which doesn't solve the problem at all and causes the bedbugs to just move around the building.

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This apartment has a pest problem. Not just bedbugs but mouse and silverfish. I moved into this apartment just a few months ago, then I started noticing a few bites on my arms & legs thinking it was spider bites. One day I was bit in 3 spots in one night and so was my roomate. I told my mom about this and that when she suspected they were bedbugs.

I put a couple of those sticky traps by the cracks in the baseboard and caught an adult bedbug a few weeks ago. I informed the landlord about this

and an exterminator was called in. When I showed him the bedbugs he said that an entomologist needs to look at it first because he wasn't sure if it was. Still waiting as of today... Also I found out that a couple of other units in the apartment has bedbugs.

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