6947 Walker Ave
Burnaby, BC V5E

Found 2 reports:

We have been leaving in this building for more than 3 years and have never had any bed bugs. We know almost everyone here and we are surprised finding our building being registered for bed bugs. Don't be afraid to rent here, the building and tenants are nice!

My apartment and the one below are at present(June-2011)being sprayed for a bedbug infestation. When I discovered the bedbugs I began to question other tennants and found that many others in this building have experienced this problem in the past.It would seem that the building as a whole is infected. Only the apartments who complain are sprayed so the bedbug problem is ongoing in this building.Before moving into this building I had asked the manager if there were any bug problems and was told t

hat the building was clean of any bugs.The manager omitted to inform me that there were problems in the past. Knowing how difficult it is to eradicate all bugs from an apartment complex once bugs have been found, I would never have signed a lease. I consider that I have been misinformed as has many other new residents.As a result I am beginning legal action for misrepresentation.

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