6750 Balmoral St
Burnaby, BC V5E

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Dec 10, 2010
I am the building manager of this building who is Alex that lived here for 3 years and who moved out on the 22 of that month?It is important to identify yourself and report if you have seen one to me.I have checked the records no Alex that lived here for 3 years?

I found a bed bug today in my unit. It turned my head to think where it comes from. I have been living it the unit for almost three years and did not have this problem before.
I noticed a lot of cleaning people in the apartment beside mine yesterday and the occupants are gone. They moved on 22 day of the month - is it usual?
Well I guess their unit has been infested by bed bugs and they had no choice.
Another coincidence happened few days ago - my downstairs neighbour told me that their uni

t had already been spayed twice because of the same problem - bed bugs...No wonder they are spreading.
Now my peaceful time is over - what do I do now...
Be aware of that building.

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