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From 106-3809 Albert Street:
My friend slept one night in my boyfriend's room in early December, on his bed. He woke up FILLED with red spots on his entire body...

we called the manager, he said he never had this case for 10 years, he pretty much blamed it on us, so we took care of it.

The pesticide professional estimated these bed bugs have been around for 3 months (one month after my boyfriend moved in). He also believes the unit has never been treated after former tenants.
I'm wonder

ing if he should just move from there because it's quite old too, and again, those bugs have been around for quite a long time!
I also find it weird how his allergy got worse ever since he moved in that unit, his room is always humid, and the unit overall is so old and dirty...

We are planning to receive a statement from him to prove the unit got treated, and (hopefully) move without too much hassle.

We definitely need to throw his bed frame, mattress, blanket, and pillows away.

The first treatment was on January 3rd, 2016. The next one will be in 2 weeks.

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