4315 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC V5C

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Another Lady in the apartment building warned us that she was having difficulties with bed bugs. Our place was supposed to get inspected about a month ago, but it never happened. Now we have found about 3 of them.

I have lived in my apartment for over 4 years with no problems. In fact, when my landlord came over one day to change a fuse he commented on how great the apartment looked and how my carpets looked better than when I had moved in. Around the beginning of September 2008, my apartment got mice and I found mice droppings in my bedroom closet. Shortly thereafter, I discovered bedbugs in my bed. After researching online, I discovered that rodents and pigeons are carriers of bedbugs. I called an e

xterminator in the next day and the place was treated. I proceeded to throw my bed out for fear of further contamination and slept on an air mattress. Approximately 6 weeks later, my friend stayed over on the couch and was bitten 28 times! I told her that the bedbugs had been exterminated. Then 2 days later, a bedbug crawled across my arm while I was sitting on my couch. Gross!!!!! I called the exterminator again; both treatments were at my expense, since my landlord did not get back to me for several days each time. Then in the beginning of December, that same friend came over and was bitten while we were watching a movie. She was scared to tell me because she knew I would be devastated. The next night she found two bedbugs crawling up the wall behind the couch, killed and bagged them, much to our dismay! Double Gross!!!!! So I informed my landlord again and he finally brought his own exterminator in at his expense. Two weeks later, his exterminator came in for an inspection and gave his word that they were gone. 4 days after that, my same friend, who is now my roommate (bless her), woke up with a bite on her face! Triple Gross!!!! So I called my landlord and he said, “it’s probably just a spider bite and if I'm unhappy, I can move out.” I asked if he could pay for bedbug covers for the beds and he said if I wanted them, I would have to buy them. So my roommate and I wrapped her bed in plastic and taped the crap out of it! We then proceeded to wash her sheets in hot water and fluff her quilt and pillows along with the sheets on the hottest setting of the dryer. Guess what we found in the lint trap? A BEDBUG! So much for the spider theory!!!! Amazingly, she is still my friend!!!! So far I have spent $900 on extermination bills, $350 on dry-cleaning, $100 on other laundry, and $200 on plastic bags and cleaning supplies. My roommate and I spent 25-30 hours wrapping our entire apartment in plastic bags, pushed all the furniture into the center of the rooms, sprayed every surface with rubbing alcohol as instructed, and cannot unpack because THE BUGS ARE STILL HERE!!!!! I’ve spent a minimum of $1550, lost a week’s worth of wages, which is approximately $1000 as I am self-employed, and have lived in my worst nightmare for 5 months!!!!! He has spent only $800 for the mice and the last bug extermination and has told me I should just move out if I’m unhappy!!!!!!!!! And what? Bring the bedbugs with me? Because that’s what will happen, which I told him, if it’s not resolved! I don’t want to bring this nightmare to my future place, or, have the tenants that move into my apartment after me, go through this!!!!!

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