4125 Hastings St
Burnaby, BC V5C

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I had been a resident of the Heights Studio Rooms, now the Imperial Hospitality Group for over 4.5 years until Dec/2009.

Place was sold in the fall of 2007 to an Iranian individual who up until 6 months ago, was quite vigilant about dealing with the problem as my room personally was dealt with 3 times in a 3 week period in the summer of '08. At that time, Orkin could be seen there weekly. Not anymore that I've seen or heard of.

Problem is that right now, many tenants have been given evicti

on notices so the Landlord can upgrade the rooms just in time for the Olympics. With all the furniture going in and out and carpeting being stripped out of rooms complete with banging and hammering, these bugs are running for cover from room to room. At present 5-7 rooms are in various stages of upgrade.

Compounding the problem is the fact that bugs are often carried room to room by way of construction workers, the housekeeper, and what you now have is the potential of an infestation at a time when the Landlord seems more interested in room upgrades and Olympic dollars than bedbug control; so you know what that means come February.

I can't say the Landlord here is intentionally willful in his neglect of the problem but I do feel that anybody intending on paying $800-1100 a month for a furnished room with housekeeping and no cooking facilities should know exactly what they are walking into.

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I moved into this location called the Heights Studio Rooms just above the Liqour Barn. My room was advetised as being a studio fully furished for 600$ paid the deposit and then the first night ironically watching the movie Joe's apartment and crawling across was a bed bug I then did further looking and found abot 50 of them and put them in a plastic container. I then lasted a week there as was very busy.I slept in my bathtub , threw an ai matress in there and then everynight after work would mak

e sure to have my blankets dried to kill the bugs. Moved out now for a week and the landlord was notified and scheduled to have the place cleaned a few days after but said it is a constant problem and I have seen there they have cleaners that come in and every morning they spray select rooms. This is on the select rooms with maid service. Its quite gross basicaly the only way to get rid of them isto throw everythin out carpet, bed and wooden furniture . Spray the place and then be more critical on the selection of tenants.

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