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It's about a month later - the landlord ordered 3 spray treatments, but continued to refuse to treat the 3 other units in addition to this one. He will rip up all the carpets and treat again after I leave. Best wishes to the next tenant. The landlord is listening to the PCO, Green Valley Pest Control, who has assured him (wrongly, in my opinion) - that treating a single apartment is all that's necessary. Basically, this is a simple difference of opinion on how to deal with bedbugs, and at the en

d of the day, each side needs to deal with what they believe to be the correct approach. The landlord here is generally responsible and, despite the initial jokes about how the problem came into my life, has treated me with respect, but I'm not willing to live through the hellish conditions caused by these creatures any longer. All my belongings and vehicle will be treated with sulfuryl flouride (Vikane) in Seattle prior to being put into storage for up to a year while I rent a room and live in minimalist conditions - clothes, car and nothing else! I am taking a sledgehammer to wipe these buggers out of my life so I can live a normal life again. I have also arranged to get a pack-tite and detector in order to prevent a re-infestation.

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Starting in April, I noticed the telltale signs - bites, itching. Like a lot of innocents, I thought it had to be spiders, and started switching rooms and beds, seeking relief. Around August, I started noticing that any house flies I killed had blood in them. Waking up itching became part of my routine until, finally, I couldn't deny it any longer - I had BEDBUGS!! Horror set in, followed by frantic/panic and desperate efforts to control/conquer the problem - diatemaceous earth, impermeable bed

covers, rolled packing tape traps, mosquito coils, evacuating my bedroom of all clutter. All was in vain. Finally, 2 weeks ago, in a state of total desperation, I told the landlord I needed his help. After joking that I shouldn't "hang out in those places anymore" he promised to send over a PCO. The PCO he chose seemed annoyed at my questions about what to do, came once (!) and my problem remains. The landlord asked me to keep it to myself because he doesn't want to treat the 4 units together for fear of losing tenants. I told him treating all units was a must. When he declined, saying he wanted to see if the first treatment worked, I gave my 30 days' notice. Shortly afterwards, i read here on this site that adjacent buildings are infested since 2007-8. So much for the landlord's cavalier attitude. He's losing a tenant that has been here for 7 years! Good luck buddy - keep your head in the sand and see how many tenants you go through. My life is living out of garbage bags, waking up several times a night, drying clothes daily, sleeping with the lights on, furniture disassembled and scratching myself silly. I am preparing for my move at the end of November - heat treatment of all my belongings - everything then to storage for 18 months - all of my clothes will be drycleaned or put into the dryer at the laundromat at high heat for hours. I will take no chances to get my life back. Warning to all Aldergrove residents - bedbugs are rampant, the PCO told me they were treating old-age/retirement homes in the area up to 6 times with little success! This situation is deploreable and I hope everyone who reads this treats the problem seriously. And one more thing - the day I move is the day I tell all the other tenants what's been going on.

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