11920 70 Ave
Delta, BC V4E

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Hi my name is ashley or Mim* and i live in a duplex in Surrey B.C. right off of (Fraser highway)

The people that live in the sweet above us have mentioned having bed bugs for about 2 weeks, so we told them to call an exterminator! and they never did.

Today i looked out side my kitchen balcony and saw a mattress hit the ground, i walked out side and looked down and saw mounds of bed bugs crawling away.
I am really concerned, They refuse to call an exterminator because they said by "th

rowing away the mattress, the bugs are gone too" but the problem is... they never got rid of the mattress's they moved them!
They left the 2 bug infested mattress RIGHT OUT SIDE OUR KITCHEN PADIO DOOR !!!!!
They don't understand how serious this really is and are risking infecting 3 other connected sweets including mine with bed bugs.

Please tell me what should i do?

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Room 317
First Occurrence November 2008
No resolution despite complaints as of January 2009

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