7118 144 St
Surrey, BC V3W

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The second thermal heat treatment didn't work for this address. $2000 was paid for this treatment. It is 100% guaranteed, but we are not sticking around to find out it failed again. We found out the landlord and property manager new of the existing bug problem before we moved in. This townhouse is only 3 years old. Not only did we find bedbugs, but we also found cockroaches shortly after moving in. DON'T TRUST THIS ADDRESS TO BE BUG FREE.

I moved into the basement suite on March 1st 2011. 2 weeks after moving in I started getting bites on my upper body and arms. Didnt believe it to be bedbugs until I saw one crawling on my pajamas I have just taken off. After further inspection of the house I found fecal matter in the main bedroom as well as eggs in the second bedroom. Waited 2 weeks for a heat treament from carepest on April 20th. Carepest then came back on April 27th to inspect but didnt find anymore scent trails. (mind you the

y didnt do a thorough search) It is now May 1st and I again have bites on my upper body and arms and found a live one crawling on my carpet last night. Carepest said the heat treament was 100% guaranteed and that they would come back no charge if the problem was not eliminated. Lets hope they honor that guarantee.

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