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I moved in and found my first bug a few months later. They had the carpets steam cleaned before I moved in hoping that would take care of the problem. I first told them about the problem: they asked me to vacuum and they did not want to pay $300 for the bed bugger guy. I cleaned the entire suite from top to bottom and took all my clothing and bedding to the laundry mat. $$$$. I also bought bed bags and pillow protectors. $$$$. My sleep and sanity was affected and being a full time student this p

roblem did not help by any means. They payed for half the bed bags. But when I came home after being away for 2 weeks at Christmas I found another bug on my pillow on my couch! I was mortified. Again I ripped the house apart and cleaned like crazy. I asked my landlords again if they would get the bug guys in and he said no and to vacuum lots again and that should help. I told him I was giving my notice. He said he would have "helped" pay for the bug guy had I stayed. I am a property owner myself and I was appalled by they way they treated me and this problem that was in their own house. They do not believe bugs can travel through walls and floors. Just to save a few hundred dollars...
Im so glad to not live here anymore!

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