13485 71 Ave
Surrey, BC V3W

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More bedbugs at Greenwood Apartments. Everyone is freaked out. Management says that suite causing the problem was infested but is being treated,but tennants items(boxes of stuff)are still in the suite. Wouldn't they be infested as well? This is in building A,second floor. Someone from building B and yet another in building C said that they've had the same problems. Wouldn't the hallway carpets outside the suites need to be treated as well as there are big gaps under the doors. Is there any way t

o prevent the other suites in the building from getting bugs coming from the infested suite? I just moved here and sure don't want to live with bugs! If anyone sees this who's considering moving here,maybe wait until the place is bug free!

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I am leaving in Surrey, 14840 105Ave Greenwood Garden apartment house.
One day I go to sleep and I see something on my pillow and I start looking around what kind of bugs I have. I lift up my mattress and I see lots a lots of bugs. I push out my bed frame to the balcony and I start looking around my bed. I went to the Internet and I found out I have a bedbugs. I never by a second hands staff, and I am a clean women. I talk to my landlord but she start telling me, maybe I got something f

rom second hand store so I have to pay a bugs killer. I am a single mom, How can I pay? I both a spray and used both bedroom. One week later I found my daughters bed 2 bedbugs. I don't know what can I do?

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Moved into this apartment from Vancouver last November (2006) and thought I had a flea problem in the suite that I just couldn't completely get under control. (I have a dog). Told the landlord the first week that I believed there may have been a latent flea infestation in the suite but she denied it and ignored my attempts to address it. I again tried to discuss what I believed to be a flea problem with her in the summer but she claimed I was the only tenant to ever complain of such and blew m

e off basically.

Two nights ago after doing laundry I went to turn my mattress and found what I at first thought might be a few dead fleas on the underside of my mattress (the side in contact with the box spring). The closer I looked, the more there were. That's when it dawned on me that this hasn't been entirely a flea problem at all.

I don't know how long it's been going on. I remember strange bites in the summer that I blew off as mosquito bites, and I'd occassionally get strange itchy white bumps on my arm/s, but I never imagined bed bugs. I had a few welts on my ankles once or twice in the summer but I just chalked them up to flea bites. I bought a second-hand dresser at the salvation army store in the summer but I really think it's likely that this pre-dates that purchase.

I have Vancouver Bed Bug Control coming in to treat my apartment on Monday and they should be able to give me some idea of the duration of the infestation in this apartment, and perhaps even whether it originated from the second-hand dresser I bought or not (though that depends on what they find).

The landlord wanted a different PCO but I wasn't comfortable with his methods (spray only) or prep instructions (told me I could put clothes from my dresser away *without* washing them once the place was treated!). I negotiatied with the landlord that if I paid the cost above and beyond what their PCO would have charged that I could have my preference of PCO come in to treat my home. Will cost me about $100 or so.

Will update after they treat next week.

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