9555 128 St
Surrey, BC V3V

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I will start off by saying, Mainstreet apartments in general are poorly maintained and a major eye sore. However, we live in the "Imperial Parkside" apartments, and we have never been so disgusted in our entire lives, no exaggeration whatsoever. When we first looked at the apartment, my husband and I both made it very clear that we needed a clean home with NO bug problems as we have a toddler and simply do not want to deal with the troubles that come with infestations. Of course, the joke of a m

anager, lied to us and told us that besides the normal seasonal bugs, we'd have no issues. Only a few days after moving in, we noticed terrible silverfish infestations in all the rooms. Ants, maggots, BED BUGS you name it. We have suffered with an ongoing bed bug infestation that has caused us to dispose of all our furniture. We had the place taken care of by a professional, and just after replacing all of our things, we have found more of these nasty little bed bugs. Please, DO NOT even consider moving to these awful apartments. The management is far too young to properly handle any situation, the grounds are terrible, and the whole place is infested with bed bugs. The hallways smell like urine, and the carpets are horribly stained as well as a swarm of silverfish everywhere you walk. Every penny we spend on rent at this sh*t hole is a major regret, and we cannot wait to get out of here and start fresh (once AGAIN with new furniture!) YUCK!!

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Moved in about a month ago to find out this place is infested with cockroaches and bedbugs even after the fact i asked if there was any and was told no.. to not move into this building it is really bad and slumlords wont do anything about it also the building 9520 on 127th street Imperial parkside is the building names

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