9520 127 St
Surrey, BC V3V

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I moved in june of 2012 and they never disclosed that there were any pest problems with the building even after I asked about cockroaches and bed bugs. The first day I had someone come up to me and say to warn me that the building is infested with cockroaches and bed bugs. I just sort of brushed it off thinking that I won't have that problem cause it just got all redone boy was I wrong..I was seeing the cockroaches just about everyday but it wasn't until the 2 week I was living there that I noti

ced bite marks on my daughter and on me, didn't think anything of it just thought it was flea bites from a friends dog. I happened to have a friend come over and we flipped my couch over and sure enough bed bugs, the office had someone come in within 48 hours to spray, now it's been just over 3 weeks and someone was suppose to come in to spray again but nobody showed up. I've never come across anything like this before and now it feels like I'm stuck here because they want everyone to sign a years lease..so beware of anyone thinking of moving in to any of these Mainstreet Equity buildings they may pretty them up by painting and putting in new floors but it's a nightmare

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Moved in about a month ago to find out this place is infested with cockroaches and bedbugs even after the fact i asked if there was any and was told no.. to not move into this building it is really bad and slumlords wont do anything about it also the building 9555 on 128th street Imperial parkside is the building names

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