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October 2007 We had lived on the first floor for approximately one year when we noticed terrible itchy rashy looking marks all up and down the arms on my daughter. We didn't know what to make of it. We saw a doctor who said it was probably just a skin irritation. A friend advised me of bed bugs and I researched it thuroughly. It was then that I ran to check our bedrooms. I saw evidence of them but did not see them. We did start to notice a few bites on our hands. A few days later he woke u

p to feel something and quickly turned on the light and stripped the bed. He found a few and ran to tell me who was already up and about. I was stunned and we woke our daughter up and got her out of the room. We pulled back the sheets just a little and found that her bed was severly infested. We were disgusted and distraught. We spent days throwing stuff out, boiling bagging, washing all the while sleeping on air mattresses in the living room in a taped off area. We didn't bring anything new into the home. We had lived there already a year without incident. None of us had travelled or done anything. The only conclusion we could come up with was: My daughters room was closest to the front door. Her room was most infested. The "Home Base" so to speak. There was a turnover of tennants accross the hall from us. Perhaps they came from another apartment. It's a year later now. We did move, and are very happy to report that we did not take any critters with us. If we did they would be bagged up in our sterilized property, and we don't plan to open those up for a couple years.

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