14840 105 Ave
Surrey, BC V3R

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Bedbug/Cockroach infestation in all three buildings.

Children unsupervised and urinate in the hallways and staircases.

Tentants dont understand hallways are not for trash/old furniture.

Managagement pays a lot for bedbug sprays/roach spray, but doesnt get rid of them, because it is in the wall of the buildings.

14831-104 Avenue Greenwood Apartments.
Infested suite on 2nd floor. Management said it is being treated. Tennant still has boxes and bags of items and clothing in the suite and on the balcony. How can they possibly get rid of the bugs if the stuff is still there? We are all pretty worried that the problem will spread into the carpets in the hallways,the walls and into our suites. The fleas starting up in the dirty hallway carpets are bad enough,we don't want to be eaten alive in our sleep! I ju

st moved here but heard that they had this problem before in the other buildings at Greenwood and this one in the past too. I never would've moved here if I knew that!

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i live on 14965 107 a avenue we have bed bugs here too regent place apartments so we decided to move out this month coming up the only way you can get rid of the bug bugs from following you is make you get a steamer steam all you mattresses, but throw away box springs get a new one and check furniture well in every curve and any corner underneath crevices check all places that are dark and wrinkled wash all your clothes put them in plastic bags shoes clean them well with Lysol clean pillows wash

them out dry them at high heat, clean wood furniture check it every angle, any stereos anything wood take them apart or even if its not wood, so that if you move these bugs won't follow you around make sure you wear clean clothes the day you move have extra clothes ready to change into put other clothes in plastic bags and wash, put all washed items in plastic bags steam everything that's not clothes be theral with what you do and make sure not one of these suckers follows you if you have carpet make sure the day you move you vacuum so they don't get stuck on you while you move your stuff. or if you don't move make sure the landlord gets rid of the carpet and puts in a new one or hardwood floors, check all the walls and heaters any cracks they live in dark spaces and dark corners windows anything thats dark and has corners and spaces to hide.

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Live on THIRD FLOOR of building and found major bed bugs so if you live here you might want to check your apartment because i'm 100% sure thats where we got it from, and i searched online of recent bed bugs reports pretty recently
MAY 1 2011

We have the same problem in our apartment (Greenwood) 14840 - 105 Ave Surrey BC
There are very many people who live here that have the same problem TRUST ME !!!
I have had this problem for a year now ..

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"Hi' I am leaving in Surrey, 14840 105Ave Greenwood Garden apartment house. One day I go to sleep and I see something on my pillow and I start looking around what kind of bugs I have. I lift up my mattress and I see lots a lots of bugs. I push out my bed frame to the balcony and I start looking around my bed. I went to the Internet and I found out I have a bedbugs. I never by a second hands staff, and I am a clean women. I talk to my landlord but she start

telling me, maybe I got something from second hand store so I have to pay a bugs killer. I am a single mom, How can I pay? I both a spray and used both bedroom. One week later I found my daughters bed 2 bedbugs. I don't know what can I do?"

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