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Surrey, BC V3R

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We are two handicap elderly people that were evicted because of not having any bed bugs. We even enclosed pictures of our beds and many witnesses. The landlord even lied in the two arbitration cases we had. We were evicted because the landlord said we had bedbugs and we were endangering other tenants We got only two weeks to move out at the end of December 2015.The landlord had sprayed the management suite five times, and another suite sprayed seven times and were never evicted. Only because of

my health (asthma)that we could not get our suite sprayed. Now we cannot find a two bedroom apartment that will accept animals. We had to put our stuff in storage and are living around from place to place. We had lived there for 7 years and looked after our place and made sure we did not get any bed bugs. Let alone bedbugs throughout the building they also have cockroaches. The real reason the landlord use bedbugs as a excuse because we were only paying $809 for a two bedroom. They are also evicting other older tenants so they can raise their rents. We even got hold of Global, Fraser Health with no results. Oh yes, what about the black mold?

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Is this run by Mainstreet now? Worse landlords ever buying is their game but they are equally in the same shit bowl as it was previously. They also do not do anything about complains - friends living in many Mainstreet apartments have the same issues. What a load of crap - the government should start checking on these slum landlords.

our family used to live in bonnterra i think it was building c and we had every bug you could think of so we moved out and they are still with us right now and as a warning do not move there cause there was a huge fire there once and also a guy got shot and died there and if you have children dont let them go outside cause the children there pee and also poo outside and swear so be alerted

We just moved into this building 1 month ago. My dog has been irritated and bitten severally and I discovered bites on me continuously. I think they are everywhere in all my furniture and in my clothes. I am so scared I don't know what to do or if I and will bring it up to the manager they may deny it. I am ready to move out and I don't want to pay my rent because everything what belongs to me is being ruined. I just laid down on my bed and got bitten several times. I can't sleep and I

feel my health is bring affected even though I do have health issues ad well. What do I do??

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Has anyone contacted the Guildford Public Health Unit about this, or any other local government body? They can be reached by calling 604-587-4750 and also at [email protected]
Their website also lists ways of getting rid of bedbugs.
I almost moved into this building. Thank God I found this site first!

This complex is infested with bedbugs AND coachroaches! We moved in here with the manager full well knowing the building was infested with coachroaches and they didn't have the common courtesy to inform us before we moved in. We are far from well off people with children and my Son woke up this morning to a bedbug feeding on him. What rights do we have as tenants in this situation, or is this now our problem and responsibility to get rid of them. I'm mortified and in tears as I type this. I fee

l dirty and violated.

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2/27/2012. bon terra building b. bed bugs everywhere.i was sprayed and it had no effect. dont know what to do. managers say there is little they can do. i am noticing that many of my neighbors have moved out. most of their beds and couches were left behind. we are dealing with a major infestation.

B309, I don't have these bugs. I work for Environmental company so I am fully aware of bed bug problems. I check regularly and have never seen one in the 3 years I've been there. HOWEVER, the building owners have selected my apartment only, and only gave 18 hours notice (under my door)to prepare. Ministry of Environment is currently investigating non-compliance. Building owners told me that several suites were sprayed, but I confirmed with my neighbours and they were not sprayed. I believe

this could be unlawful entry. There are lots of natural ways to deal with bed bugs that don't involve harsh chemicals. FACTS: bed bugs can live / hide under base boards, between walls and in the space under the carpets for 18 months without a feed. They will crawl from apartment to apartment, so doing just one suite is a big waste of time. BEWARE OF THESE OWNERS! If you complain about anything there, they might harass or evict you, just to keep you quiet.

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Am in c building at 10700 and we dont have bed bugs but we do have ants..the landlords here are really good and they are doin as much as they can but they need to spray all the apartments not just ones that get upset if you dont do them all then they will just move on to the next place and go through the buildings like they are nesting..this place isnt as bad as ppl say at all you just have to not talk to ppl and you wont get complained on ALLL THE TIME..

Hello bed bug report veiwers I live in Bonterra B i live on 3rd floor and these litle fs are everywhere!!!!!!!! they wont f in go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stupid managers wont do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The f in spray doesnt work. What the F are we suppose to do!!!!!!?????? MY kids wont sleep at night cuz they are scared!!! are We're tired of getting eaten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im F in ready to move out!! this is f in retarted!!!! Not to include the cockroches, ants a

nd moths!!!!! all o much f in fun!!!!!!!!

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Yup I'm there too! Been spray twice now in a year and once again finding them everywhere! Nothing seems to work! We're covered in bites and spending too much time and money on cleaning and trying to get rid of them.

I live at Bon Terra in Surrey BC and I am on the second floor, building B - we just got back from a vacation and have found bedbugs in the master bedroom. I have been told by others that I am not the only one in this building to be infested.

Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs. Get them to spray your apartment and all your stuff and get the F out. They are everywhere

Yes I am in B building as well on the 3rd floor, and we have bed bugs as well. We are moving out.

On November 9th 2008,
in apartment B316, bedbugs have been found.
I went to the rent office and told the manager
and the manager told me there is another 2 apartments reported and the exterminator will be here soon. I think that every apartment in this building has bedbugs that are undiscovered. We discovered the bed bugs after we found the bites on my wife's arms and legs, and we found one on the wood on my wife's side of the bed.

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