10659 150 St
Surrey, BC V3R

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noone told us when we moved in to the complex that there was a problem with bedbugs nor did they ever pass out any information to help tenants be knowledgeable. But when i woke up realizing that i had bugs crawling on me i finally said something. ( i take medications to sleep and i'm legally blind so i didn't clue in to any of the early signs). When we told the manager, she said that a few places in my building had them and that another building was infested. But that she planned to put info in

the spring letter....yeah no. she'd be stupid to say anything...wouldn't you move out? i know i am. especially after dealing with years of ant problems when we told them to investigate the neighbours. lazy managers! i'd rather know up front what i'm getting in to. i didn't grow up in apartments or in multicultural areas.... i shouldn't have to know what a bedbug looks like.

and now she has the gall to try to pin the charge for getting rid of them on me! and i lost my bed out of this and have to pay for removal.
i bet there's no bedbugs in her apartment.

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