10557 150 St
Surrey, BC V3R

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I Just moved In this year and found that the tenants above me had there unit sprayed and now I'm having to deal with this problem. My child has had may bites. We had our unit inspected and they came in and sprayed you unit. Two months later still dealing with the problem. My child is still getting bites.. what I don't understand is why the management is not held accountable when they know theres this problem and they continue to only do one unit at a time instead of doing the whole building.

My last conversation with the onsite manager, they were getting the pest control people to come back to see 15 other units. What do I Do.

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October 2008. atleast 2 confirmed apartment in Imperial Pines Building B is infested with lots and lots of bedbugs. I was bitten so I try to find the culprit. what a shock to find lots of bedbugs crawling on the drapes, furniture,and bed at night. reported to the manager and a pest control person came after a week. a week after the apartment was sprayed bedbugs are still crawling everywhere as if no spray was done. yuck...be careful if you move in,it will cost money coz you have to get rid of

your furniture and the headache of dealing with an infestation.

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