Manchester Dr
Burnaby, BC V3N

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It was in July 2008, I found a lot of bedbugs at Room 405 - 9847 Manchester Dr. Burnaby. I moved out the second day. I am sure that building had been seriously contaminated by bedbugs.

9847 Manchester Drive, Burnaby, BC. December 2011.

We just had a note in our Strata minutes that bedbugs are in two apartments on the fourth floor. Management is supposedly handling it. That, and the crime in the area, have convinced us to move out as soon as our lease is up.

9847 Manchester Drive

Recurrent infestations since September 2008 that I know of. The wood frame of the building probably helps it spread around. Management is responsive enough, but the same can't be said with some of those who live in this building.

9867 Machester Drive

There's a bed bug infestation on the 4th floor and the units beside this unit refuse to have their apartments looked at. The infestation is going to get worse. I live on the floor above and am moving out due to the fact that they'll be moving to the units below, beside and above soon.

It was Sept 3, 08 the first time I woke up with 2 bug bites on my left foot and I had an allergic reaction, made it itchy and swollen. For the next week, I've been waking up with 2 bites every night. Went to the doc and he told me there's an infestation. Then my new roommate moved in on Sept 7, 08. She woke up with 3-4 bug bites in non-linear fashion on Sept 14, 08. She confirmed that it was bed bugs when she woke up the next day, Sept 15, 08 with 37 more bites and that she squished one on that

night. Went to our manager and told her about the bed bug situation and told us we have to catch a bug before an exterminator could be called. Called the landlord, fortunately, my landlord is a great guy, he'll pay for the clean-up. So, the house will be steamed clean tomorrow while waiting for the exterminator to come in.

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