7899 17th Ave
Burnaby, BC V3N

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At Liberty House Assisted Living facility, 7899 17th Avenue in Burnaby, British Columbia. Whilst visiting my sister who is confined to a wheelchair by MS I was told around Christmas 2009 that one of the residents was complaining of having bed bugs. Whilst the care-workers have done everything in their power to solve the situation the problem continued. Nothing else that I know of, has been done by the Landlord, (Howe Sound Rehabilition Services Society). Last month I was told by my sister th

at another tenant now has bed bugs. The second tenant also confined to wheel chair, has done everything in his power to solve the problem including purchasing a new bed... to no avail. What is particular unconscionable is that the tenants are physically disabled and the facility and many of the tenants are subsidised by the Provincial Government.

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