7878 13th Ave
Burnaby, BC V3N

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Monster! this building is not good to live, and WHY are live there for 7 years until the landlord kick your ASS out. You sound very ironic.

this is a follow up from monster. the landlord finally did get our place sprayed and to my knowledge we have not gotten bitten since and we are moving out for oct 1 and we are hoping that wherever we move to we dont need to deal with the same b.s that we have from living here with regards to landlords also as of right now our bathroom leaks and a roofer has come on numerous occasions to supposedly fix this to no prevail though. I hope that whoever moves in after us will not have to deal with bed

bugs as this has been a nightmare for us and now i am on hyper alert when it comes to these bloodsucking pests. There should be more done about it to stop and treat thses pests from invading our countries and to put an end to their lives once and for all as noone should have to suffer with bedbugs. note to all: the natural chrysanthemum plant is what is used as pest control for these creatures which makes the toxin pyrethrin, however it has been synthesized for pest control personnel and is no longer a natural option and this is why bed bugs are becoming resistant to chemicals that have no identity to nature anymore. If possible try making your own pyrethrin from this natural insect repellant plant. best regards to all who have dealt with this awful problem and i wish our country the best to deal with this in an effective speedy manner as it is all of us who will be effective as they have spread like wildfire from north van,east van, burnaby, new west and some parts of surrey. Note to landlords: DO YOUR JOB AND GET PEST CONTROL IN TO HELP THE PEOPLE TO FINALLY GET A GOOD NIGHTS REST AGAIN AS EVERYONE DESERVES THEIR SLEEP ALSO CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER AROUND YOU THAT IS ALL PEACE TO EVERYONE

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I have been living in my apartment for almost 7 years now and this is the first bed bug encounter I have ever had in my life! For at least 4 months now I have been bitten on an almost daily basis. Today was the first day that I have reported it to my landlord as we also have carpet beetles and I thought that it could have been an allergic reaction to that or due to my neighbors having cats with probable fleas. Last night at 1 am I found a bug in my bed. I looked online for bed bugs and the bug I

found matched the description online.I am now horrified to go to sleep in case I get bit again by those nasty creatures. I also thought previously that it could have been spider bites or an allergic reaction to some kind of food, however the rest of my family wasnt getting bit so I was thinking it could have been all in my head or something but now I know for a fact it was bed bugs I can at least rest knowing what it is ... metaphorically speaking of course. this afternoon I found another bug in my bed under the covers. Thank goodness I didnt take a nap or I would have been bit AGAIN. I cant take it anymore as the bites are driving me crazy, not to mention how it lowers my self esteem when I have bites that are in places noticeable to others such as on my neck, arms or legs. These bugs seem to go for my veins and now I get why I am so fatigued lately... a bug is sucking me dry form the inside out. My landlord says that she'll call pest control tomorrow but I doubt it. We also have mice, silverfish, rats, carpet beetles, moth larva and fleas. Not the best place to rent I would say as there are other issues with any landlord that has owned this apartment in the last 7 years. All of them have not done a single damn thing with the silverfish. The rats however are in the lower floor. #4 is where the first discovery of bedbugs is but not the culprit.

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