908 6th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Apparently the place is being fumigated today, but...that doesn't mean that the bedbugs are going to be completely eliminated. Unfortunatley, we can't count on half the people living in this building to take the appropriate measures in order for the problem to be taken care of.

This place is absolutely infested with bedbugs. It is a disgusting building, that is filthy dirty and full of druggies. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we have police/ambulance/firetruck here, minimum of once/wee


Do not rent from this place, not only for the fact that it's infested with bedbugs, but also because the landlords are slumlords and it's full of drug addicts.

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I would like to point out to you that 908 6th does not in any way have any kind of a bedbug issue...Its unfortunate that any body can put up a false report on a site without this site checking to make sure there not false....I have been involved with this building for over 5 years and not once have we had a issue....Tenants that dont take care of themselves or just want to cause problems can say false things...you should try to verify that when somebody is putting on a statement on your site the

y are telling the truth...this can be a form of slander......

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moved from an upstairs apt with no problems for 1 year into a downstairs apt on the ground floor. found bugs which have slowly taken over our unit, not sure where they came from, most likely another unit or previous tenant. waiting to see how mgmt staff handles situation, most likely wont fumigate whole floor or surrounding units.

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