820 6th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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My attention was brought to the infestation by my son who told me about his bites about three weeks ago. We went over his mattress and found several bed bugs on his mattress at the headboard end.
This morning, 19th April we started the attempt to eradicate the bloody things by attacking the bed, the surrounding floor (the whole room in fact) with Raid, Fantastic and Windex along with heat in the worst spots too.
My neighbour and friend on the second floor suggested that we should look where

the power outlet sockets are in relation to the bugs and, yes they matched perfectly. I then checked the same thing in my room, power socket behind headboard and, lo and behold, bed bugs on the corresponding spot on my mattress. So we're naturally doing what we can and will report this to the management but first I called the City of New Westminster Health Dept but as it was lunch time had to leave a message. The reason I called them first is that these infestations have been going on for several months (at the very least as Rentokill seems to be always here) but we have not been warned by the management, it has, however, been brought up by other tenants so it is well known (to many of the tenants) that the place is infested.

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I first noticed a series of bites on my arms approximately three weeks ago (late March 2011) I initially assumed these were obtained at work due to the delay in visible effects until mid day. They continued with an increasing frequency until last night when it was suggested they may be from bed bugs, I stripped my bed and noticed that on the box spring directly in front of the electrical socket was a small group of bed bugs numbering three adults and a larger quantity of what I assume to be youn

ger ones. I sprayed the whole area with Raid and confirmed that every visible critter was indeed dead then vacuumed the whole room and am now in the process of laundering all fabric items which have been in contact with my bed and the floor. I have heard that there has been a bed bug presence in this building for a while but nothing reported, I've seen pest control personnel coming and going for a few months and had not put two and two together until now.

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