820 5th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I was living their with my boyfriend and his family. They fumigated it for bed bugs before we moved in. We were bitten all over our bodies and when your bitten by these gross little bugs, you scratch all the time. The bites sting and burn. You get scares from scartching them. We were bitten for a month and a half. They sprayed it finally after complaining several times of these pests. But for what ever reason the bugs returned. Btw their are rats that live in the walls too. No joke. The manageme

nt is slum lords, that own many run down apartments in the area.they did a half job when renovating the suites for rent, painting over fixtures, and outlets. The carpets were dirty, nobody cleaned behind the fridge ever. And the getto fan in the bathroo. That never got fixed . This building needs to be tented and fumigated. The whole building.

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So glad I read this was thinking of renting an apartment there. Was told of high quaility maintenance etc.

The infestation started on the 3rd floor around 2006 and due to a lack of response from the management it has spread to the lower floors apt 301 and 106 were fumigated on the first week of sept 2009 but apt 105 has a very large outbreak and the management will NOT fumigate that apt or some of the other suits with known problems. The bedbug problem is indicative of the managments lack of concern for the tenants as thay are running a slum style building, minimal repairs to the building with people

that have resided here for 20 years with not even as much as a fresh coat of paint to the walls ,updating up carpets etc,that are required by law in this province.Turning off the heat to save money even tho you pay for heat in monthy rent. Beware of this building as you WILL aquire bedbugs cockroaches rats and mice if you move into this adress.

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