814 4th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Okay, so last Wednesday pest care and wildlife entered to spray and lay powder down in her place....one week later no follow up inspection and my daughter has new bites on her arms
please do not bother with this place if you are looking we are exasperated and she is on a year lease...help

Well, days after this report and also a warning posted to Craigslist. The manager of San Mateo issued a letter on each tenants door to inform that in 48 hrs the pest control company would be in with a dog to inspect for activity (even though a bug was shown) No info to tenants as to anything found...then yesterday my daughter at 7:30 am had another notice slipped under her door to let her know that in 48 hrs she would need to have all items bagged and packed and her furniture moved away from wal

ls. My daughter works full time and so I am needing to ask the manager today to let me in as she was only given one key. Ugh not much time given nor any face to face conversation with her about any of this. I hope this fixes the issue although I am wary...here is hoping
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My daughter moved into apartment #814, 4rth st on July 1st 2015. By Septembers start, She began developing what she first thought were hives(an allergy perhaps). Then to her dismay, she discovered a live bedbug on her bedroom curtain! Saved it in tape and On the 18th of September, I printed a letter to inform the manager and we delivered it to, Otar who was not home at that time. We left it in the mailbox. A week later he came to her door unannounced and frantic. Saying he just got the letter an

d it was strange because they had not had a problem for awhile. To date (October 11th 2015) he has been promising an inspector with a dog would be in, as has his wife when my daughter paid her $910 rent on the 1st of October that it would be dealt with on the upcoming Monday the 5th although no letters issued to tenants regarding this promise as of yet! She just informed me this morning that she has found yet another live one and this time in her bathroom sink! We will be contacting residential tenancy branch on Tuesday morning to file a complaint....she was charged $455.00 damage deposit and another $455 for a pet deposit...despite the ciggy burns that were already in the suite from previous tenants etc...Ridiculous, please steer clear of San Mateo Apartments. Managed by slum lords who take advantage of people. My daughters first place of her own...sadly a scary mess and a disappointment. Grrr

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There is bed bugs in this building

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