810 St Andrews St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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AS of 2011

The onsite property manager was not forth coming when I asked about any bug problems and his reply was no bug problems. But when I told him the building was listed on this registry he change his story and told me it was an isolated case and the problem was solved. This is not the so...

The problem continues and is spreading. There is no communication or updates to the tenants from management, only talk amongst ourselves. There are only these silly traps on each floor and ma

nagement recently did a K-9 inspection of each apartment.

I have found dead bed bugs in the laundry room - dropped from peoples clothing and linens coming out of the dryer.

There should be a law requiring Landlords to post bed bug signs on their buildings as a warning to perspective tenants because there sure as hell no voluntary disclosure: They will do and say anything to get the apartments rented...

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As of oct 2010 we have bedbugs here in the apartment. We been going thought hell with these bugs they keep coming and coming. The pet care people are try to get rid of them but it seems they just wont go away. They are evening saying there in the walls.Im very upset about this if they can't get rid of them I'll be moving out. There are alot of people in your building that have this bedbug problem. They need to doing something real fast to get rid of these problems here.

As of July 2010 we have bedbugs here in your building it started on the 15th floor where the had to come back and spray so many times. Now the are on all the defferent floors they are on the 12th floor and the 5 and 4 th floor and so on.Now Im on the 5th floor I'm not happy because all of this problems that we have with these bedbugs. I went to the bathroom and say bedbugs on my wall and counter I put them in a jar.I was mad I went down to the manager and told him we have a problem. I told him a

bout what I have in my place I showed him the jar with the bedbugs in it.He told me he would get the petcare people to come in and look after it which the came in with the dog and found that we have bedbugs just like the one that I show him in the jar.Show the came back on Monday Oct 25 2010 to do the treament so they did.They will come back Nov 2 2010 to check on it but when do come I got to tell them that I found more Bedbugs agian and agian the keep coming from some where Im getting very mad about this.I even got them in a jar again. We are having a meeting on Monday Nov 1 2010 to discuss all about the problems that we are having here in the building.

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