810 5th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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This building has been "bedbug" free for over a year now!

Yup. Moved out in 2006. Haven't had them since and have since lived in 4 different residences. It took a complete laundering and cleaning of any items we wanted to keep and we tossed ALL our furniture that had any cotton or cloth folds. Any hardwood furniture we wiped clean and in EVERY nook and cranny.

I have just moved into the apartment and am now pretty worried. are you still living there or have you moved out? I'm judging on the time that your report was written you could have possibley moved out of the apartment that we just moved into. Any info would be great!

Dear A.

We lived in apartment #214 and moved out in 2006 in late spring. I do wonder if you moved into the same unit. The unit with the worst infestation (Patient Zero if you will) was on the main floor nearest the elevator at the left.

When we were fumigated we had to move all our possessions away from the wall to the center of the room. If the problem is bad and you are finding them in the living room than you have HAVE to inspect your couch, love seat, any throw blankets and pillows. L

ook behind pictures on the wall. Bed bugs live in anything. If you regularly nap on your couch that could be their favourite spot.

Again. We now bought a home in Calgary and haven't had or seen once since 810 5th Avenue. They can be beaten but my suggestion is to get out of that apartment building and New Westminster for that matter. And when you move wrap your bed and box spring in mattress bags to seal whatever is in, in. I do not envy you as the problem is extremely stressful.

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Thanks to Ken Hogan for sharing his story.
It all makes sense to me now...
In 2006 I moved in to that same apartment. A couple of months after that I started getting bitten but as Ken said "the term -bed bug- was still a nursery rhyme in my mind" I never had a problem like this before, I thought it was a mosquito bite, I didn't even know what a bedbug looked like.
When we moved in we had nothing at all, every piece of furniture was bought new..
We purchased a net that hangs from the ceiling

to cover the bed thinking that It would keep the mosquitos out but of course, it didn't work..I got bitten again but still didn't suspect bed bugs as I never saw anything on my sheets nor marks on my mattress.
The elderly couple that used to manage the building retired and moved away shortly after and new management took over. Since then, a lot of people have moved in and out, nobody seemed to stay longer that a couple of months or maybe a year. the maintenance of the building went down awfully, there's problems everywhere: the laundry room, the hallways, garbage pick up, the elevator etc etc...They just "patch it" on the surface but they don't want to spend the money to deal with it properly.
Anyway, back to the bed bug problem... I got bitten ocassionaly but my husband never showed any bites so we never suspected bed bugs.
After that, we got a notice from the manager saying there was a problem of bedbugs in some suites in the building but they never said which ones, how serious it was or who was in "danger" (for being closer to these suites)
We weren't fumigated but heard that those suites had been successfully treated...
My nightmare stared a couple of weeks ago when I got red and super itchy marks on my arms, a new one almost ever day, I went online to do the reserch and found pictures..
I immediately went to my mattress and inspect it very carefuly but didn't find anything. Nonetheless I washed and dryed all my bedding..
I found one adult bb just there laying on the carpet and disgusted by it I made the mistake of killing it and flushing it down the toilet instead of taking it as evidence...
Next day, another small bite, again inspected my mattress, washed and dry all the bedding, found a very small one full of blood and some blood stains under the mattress and now I'm in panic.
I'm talking to the manager today and hope for the best..
Now my concern is about all the chemicals they have already sprayed in this appartment and that I was unaware of, I panic again.
When I moved in nobody told me that they have already had a problem with bb and that this particular apartment was fumigated 5 times on top of the DE that was used.
I have spent almost 5 years in this apartment day and night unaware of this problem.
I'm concerned about my health and also my possessions as I can't afford to throw everything away and start over..
I'm so upset
what to do???

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In February of 2006 my wife and i resided at this apartment building - Suite #214. One day I was changing my bedsheets and found what looked like a tick. I simply picked it up and tossed it out the window as the term - bed bug - was still just a nursery rhyme in my mind and to most everyone else.

My wife began to show red marks on her chest and neck area that remained for a few weeks. We changed laundry detergents, bath soap, etc but they remained. We did not immediately suspect bed bugs as I

never had any bites. I later learned that some people do not react (no inflammation) or that bedbugs sometimes prefer one person over another.

One day I did some research and saw images of the bite marks online that looked similar to my wife's. I flipped the mattress and box spring (no bed frame) and found about 30 watermelon to apple seed sized bed bugs lining the box spring where it met the floor. I collected each one with tweezers into an empty spice jar. I then sprayed an entire can of RAID on the floor lining that area and the box spring.

I took the sample to my building manager - a very sweet elderly couple who lived on the 1st floor on the opposite end of the building.

She denied they were bed bugs saying she hasn't heard of bed bugs since she was a child in Saskatchewan. I brought down images of bed bugs from online and convinced her of the problem.

We were then accused of bringing them in (my wife and I do not shop at 2nd hand stores, we don't have used furniture, we don't have many foreign house guests, and we don't travel abroad or stay in hotels). Anyway, we were fumigated. We laundered every article of clothing, bedding, towel. We threw out a lot of old clothes and blankets.

Few weeks later, bites remain.

Checked the bed side tables and found one bed bug and an egg (which was about the size and shape of a blackhead being squeezed out of ones face).

LONG LONG story short, we were fumigated 5 times. I was coming home at night at 1am from work and I'd take a flash light to our bedroom (we slept in the living room by now) and I'd find them crawling up the walls.

We found them in the toilet in the morning and I thought it was odd and they must have fallen off us in the middle of the night. But then I took down the light fixture above the toilet and found THEM in the fixture. THEY WERE IN THE WALLS AND CLEARLY THE PROBLEM WAS LARGER THAN ANYONE SUSPECTED.

Turns out an elderly lady had moved in on the fist floor one suite over from mine so her living room ceiling edge was kiddy corner to my bed room floor wall. She was near blind and could not see that her couch was literally CRAWLING with them. She moved in about a year prior and had a LOT of items stored in rubbermaid bids on her patio. (CLUE #1 damn I was naive).

I found that Ddiatomaceous earth was effective as I ground it into the carpet along EVERY WALL of my apartment.

Anyway, we moved in July to another address and pretty much threw everything out. Bought a new couch, love seat, computer desk, bed, box spring, bedroom furniture, TV stand, coffee table, end tables. And what we did take we wiped down with Mr. Clean thoroughly. And all books and magazines were thrown out. We purged ourselves of a LOT of items. Did not find any at this address.

Moved to Calgary in 2007 and haven't had any still.

We still have nightmares and each and every strange bug and beetle my wife finds on the floor she panics and I have to classify for her.

Good Luck to anyone who has these awful critters. If you put the work in and sacrifice a lot of your belongs you can be rid of them. Be WARY of apartments with high turn over and shared laundry.

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