732 5th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

Found 2 reports:

Do to the management company failure to inform the tenant's of the Bed Bug problem, there are now
11 suites with potential of infestation. The management company has known since December 2010 of a major infestation, of a unit on the first floor.
There was also an apartment unit on the third floor that was appended from the tenants due to infestation.

There has been a major infestation in this building for several months. It has taken many months of harassing the building owners in order for them to begin treating the building. The worst part is that apparently the worst infestation was in the building manager's suite and he failed to mention anything at all! Even after discovering that the building manager's suite was so bad it took over two months of harassing the building owners to force him to clean out his place so it can be treated.

No nearby bug reports