711 5th Ave
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I did not know about existence of this site, and so could not leave a feedback. Thank you for creating one!
Back in 2010, I ran from this building, saving my family from their bed bags. They were aware of the problem for years, but the management is too lazy and slow. It was more than a week before the exterminator appeared. There was no any change after treatment, though. The bags were still there and I had to break the lease and move out. I lost my security deposit, paid lease penalty, threw

my brand new couch and a $1800+ memory-mattress. I tried to negotiate with the management, but there was no reply on my messages and the letters. The guy just ignored the case.
This building is not the only one in such condition at that location. Yet, so many people in this province have language difficulty and simply are not able to express the feeling of frustration therefore. No wonder why there is very few comments here about this location. Very sad fact…
I doubt if there is any change now.

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2009/2010 Found a small infestation, prevented bigger spread. The person who came in to treat the apartment said that he comes into the building often, bedbug infestation seems to occur quite frequently at this address.

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