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I was very unpleasantly surprised to find recent reports about infestation at Regency Tower. Belmont Properties bought this complex in August of 2011. I have to be honest, at that time some suites were infested, and we started to deal with the problem immediately. Various chemicals and technologies had been applied before Don Woodard from Champion Pest Control (Belmont's contractor for the services at that time) certified the complex pest-free. That was almost a year ago. We continue to have mon

thly pest-control inspections at Regency, now with Rentokill specialists, and no infestation has been registered since then. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding this matter, please check with Champion Pest Control or Rentokill directly. Also, the managing styles described in the recent reports have nothing to do with Belmont's resident manager, and if you have any complaints or concerns, you are welcome to call Belmont Properties directly at 604.736.2841.

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This place is such a rip off and a horrendous joke!
I thought I was moving into a better place, at first it looked like it and we were very solid in our stance on bed begs and the stupid landlord assured us we wouldn't have issues and that she'd have an inspector check out the apartment 3 weeks after the move in date to be sure.
Never happened and I had asked her numerous times about this. I made sure when I left I reported not only her but the company to the residential tenancy board.
Had to

pitch half of my laundry and bedding as the "brand new washers" left them stained beyond repair. Elevators would just stop running a couple of times a week leaving you unable to get to your suite.
You never get help or answers from the landlord but holy shit does she love to give you shit for leaving your bathroom fan on like everyone else, watching tv or movies "too loudly" like everyone else and be prepared for a fight when you leave because she gets right nasty with you.
She also will enter your suite unannounced and was caught going through my belongings. Not to mention mail stolen and the nutso asshole who lives on the 4th floor who spends his time yelling at everyone outside to shut up.
What a nightmare place!!!!
Not good for anything not even the rent and say goodbye to your privacy and safety and health!!!!

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I lived in this building just over a year. The last few months of living there we heard of the bed bugs. I worked out of town and was only home once a month. It sure was great coming home to an infested apartment.

The ex manager who often appeared frazelled and overly anxious and angry one day casually asked me in the elevator if I had seen any bugs in my apartment. I said no but wihtin a month started to notice larvae. This was frustrating because the day she asked me in the elevator is the

day she should have taken the initiative to deal with the problem.

Strange thing though was that it seemed we had carpet beetle larvae, not bed bug. The exterminator claimed it was bed bugs yet based on extensive research I am SURE the larvae we had were from carpet beetles. This was frustrating because it was yet another peice of incompetence on someone's part. We threw out 5 garbage bags of clothes, our bed, mattress, 2 dressers and a night stand and moved out.

This matter was dealt with poorly and I would bet that building is still infested with something.

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moved in feb 2011. two months later the suite across from me got infested. then the one next door. they sprayed and "siliconed" my apartment for preventative measures. about a month later the suite next door to me was infested, and soon after mine. when i asked how it was possible (my suite was supposed to be air tight) they said they only siliconed half the suite. i came home from work one day to find my suite sprayed without notice or permission to enter, and couldnt enter my house for 4 hours

. the next spraying (about 2 months later, with notice), included a bed bug cover, which apparently i have to pay $110 for. also, if i dont buy a new bed, im apparently going to be evicted. im going to sue for damages when entering my suite without notice or permission, and hopefully end my lease early. this landlord thinks shes running a concentration camp. Infected suites are : 701, 702, 710, and 711. all other suites on the floor were not informed of the infestation.

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I called looking to rent in this building and talked to the building manager, when I questioned her about this building having bed bugs she said that the building had always been beg bug free, when I said I had seen it on bed bug registry that it had been reported there, she commented that it was an angry ex tenant lashing out at the building. After hearing her call her ex tenants liars, needless to say I will never rent there ever again.

I live in New West and the bugs are here to stay and ONLY in New West, while the rest of North America is dealing with the problem straight up with no denials of the problem, do the managers and owners "protest" and dispute the FACTS that their buildings are infested. This building and their owners / managers has a good reputation but reputation means absolutely nothing to bedbugs. The stigma attached to bed bugs should be denial. Folks run out and buy dio earth. I live in a cloud of the stu

ff and it works. I live in an infested building in New West (which owner disputes the ongoing infestations) and as the rest of the world can attest to, bedbug infestations are not easily dealt with and as long as landlords, owners, managers protest and dispute what they believe to be their "good reputation" the problem will only get worse.

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I have to admit in my monitoring of the bedbug infestation that; yes, management is doing what they can to quell the spread of bed bugs.

My concern is that management has given the responsibility to family members to do the spraying themselves probably to save money. I am unsure if the family members are professionally trained. Having untrained non-professional treatments is extremely unwise and risky.

Management has been taking on the paranoia that someone may be spreading them intentiona

lly, possibly dropping them in peoples mail box slots and desiring to install more security cameras to catch them. What the motive would be for someone to intentionally infect themselves just so they have no choice but to dispose of thousands of dollars of their own belongings makes absolutely no sense.

I think it's great that the Management is spending thousands of dollars on building upgrades, which by the way are completely off topic for BedBugRegistry. This mention is probably purely self-promotion as the building is apparently up for sale for $16.5 million dollars (according to the McDonald Commercial web site).

I urge tenants to protect themselves and their property by completely silicone sealing every baseboard, door frame, radiant heat piping and all of the electrical light/plug panels, fixtures, etc. It is also wise to use clear duct tape on unused electrical outlets and lighting panels. Tenants should also put weather seal around their doors and install door sweeps. Your suite must be completely and absolutely air tight. Either do it yourself or have someone who knows what they're doing do it for you. Attention to details is essential. Investing in about $40.00 worth of supplies could potentially save you thousands of dollars in lost property. However, keep in mind that there are never guarantees but it's better than doing nothing about it.

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The Managers of 706 Queens Avenue, New Westminster, BC. would like to reply to the anonymous submittal of 6/21/2010 on your web site by “Spouse of renter”, and update the status of our building. We support the idea of this web site, as long as the information posted is fair, accurate and non-inflammatory.

We have the following comments:

1. We have recently had a limited issue with bed bugs (for the first time in 20 plus years of ownership). Our Managers have acted exped

itiously, and appear to have the situation dealt with, but we are continuing to monitor same. This has been disappointing, because we make every effort to screen our Tenants and maintain a well managed residence for them. But when a Tenant tries to solve their problem without telling us, this is not the most effective way of dealing with same. We want to know at the earliest possible date, so we can quickly deal and solve the situation. We are here to help, in situations such as this.

2. When we discovered the presence of bed bugs in a suite, we immediately retained a reputable national pest control company to investigate and treat the issue, which they did. An affected suite was carefully inspected and treated at least twice; further ongoing monitoring is underway. At our initiative, we also hired a dog which is trained to detect the potential presence of bed bugs with its acute sense of smell. We wanted to find out if there were any problems that even Tenants were not aware of. This was done twice at our expense, covering a range of suites, strictly for precautionary reasons.

3. If any Tenant suspects bed bugs, they can be assured that we will expeditiously respond, with professional assistance. Our Tenants know that we are always very open and responsive to communications from them, on any subject concerning their homes. Our Resident Manager Geri works very hard to look after their interests, and she cares a great deal about their comfort, safety and happiness here.

We are hopeful that we have this situation behind us, but are working hard with our Tenants to attempt to ensure that their stay here is a happy and healthy one. Our recent major capital improvements involving repiping the domestic water system, suite improvements and replacing the roof show our commitment to upgrading and maintaining our building as a quality home for our Residents.

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New Westminster has a new bed bug palace, Regency Towers. Residents and future renters of this building have the right to know.

Exterminators and a bed bug sniffing dog have confirmed infestations in unit 707, and the infestation has been confirmed to spread to unit 808. Somehow they got through the concrete structure and spread. It would come as no surprise that the infestation has spread to other units but tenants don't yet know.

Check the creases in your beds, under the sheets, etc. The

only real way to know if you are infested is to have a bed bug sniffing dog to inspect your suite which you may be able to convince the reluctant management to do at their expense (good luck with that).

The units are being/have been fumigated so the beg bugs may spread in order to get away from the spray.

Good luck talking to Geri and Larry living in their penthouse palace. After having talked to other tenants they apparently were not aware of the infestation. You can expect attitudes and to be hushed up. Also, don't expect them to pay for disposal of your beds.

The residents and future renters have the right to know about this infestation.

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