525 11th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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My daughter and I moved into 461 Griffiths Place in Sapperton in June. We were not informed that there was a bedbug infestation and found out the hard way. We were simply given a can of spray from the landlord...I just found 3 more bugs to add to my growing collection of frozen bugs. My previously 'clean' bed is now infested, as is my daughter's bed. My daughter picked up her cat and found three bugs underneath the cat. She will not sleep in her own bed now, and sleeps with me. This is a nightm

are - we cannot afford new beds and we cannot afford to move again. There should be hefty fines for slumlords who allow people to move into an apartment in their building knowing full well that the building is infested. They should have to reimburse those who have to trash their couches, chairs and beds in order to move into a 'clean' apartment without fear of infestation to another building, simply taking their problem elsewhere.

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Lived here for 3 months. Never had a bed bug issue thus far. :)

I have lived in this unit since july...
when i first moved in I knew there had been a problem with bedbugs.. they had told me that it had been taken care of..
3 weeks after i moved in the bedbugs returned..
The managment company got an exterminator in right away... and with 4 treatments... the problem was solved..
I was worried that they may come back.. but it has been 6 months now, and I am still bed bug free!

There are no more bedbugs in my building if there are any more bedbugs in this building. There are more then Transglobe buildings that get bedbugs. Look around New Westminster and you will find a lot more Buildings with bedbugs

Lorrie Roberts
#101-525-Eleventh street New Westminster BC

Bugged. The landlord / management company is required to provide fumigation for bedbugs at their expense. Call the Health Department in New West. This place is in a cluster area of bedbugs and it's getting worse. We moved out as soon as we heard about it in our building (listed on the google map).

We have found bedbugs on our bed in apartment 507. They have also now moved to the living room area as well. We have had to get rid of the bed and are now getting rid of the furniture in the bedroom because they can stay dormant for up to a year without food. We have asked for help from the building owners and from the building manager and have had no success at all. All of our contacts are documented. We are moving out at the end of the month and only want things fumigated so we do not take

the bugs with us. At present we know of the bugs being in 6 other suites in this building. March 14, 2009 Today is March 21 and we have still had no help from the building owners.

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Sept 2008, bedbugs found on my mattress. Building manager denies the problem, it seems this property mgmt company is the new slumlord with most of their buildings infested with bedbugs.

September 2008
525 11th Street
New Westminster
Found bedbugs crawling on windowledge and on the floor and in the corridor from the elevator to the door of the apartment.
Some tenants have their furniture in the corridor and other tenants I've spoken to have complained about bedbugs in their suite. There is no notice up anywhere to indicate that there is a bedbug problem and when someone did get a pest control company sent in, only that apartment was treated. I don't know if it was

the entire apartment or just the bedroom.

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