520 9th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Unit 210 has bed bugs. Be forewarned.

I have been getting bitten since I moved in I am allergic to bug bites and have been to the hospital once already for an infection that was casued from one of the bites i woke up at 3:30 in the morning last night and found a fully grown bug!!

Alex was trying to blame me for it as well ive been there for 7 months now and I asked prior to moving in if there was ever a reported infestation he said no. I will get this resolved!

well why isn't 520 8th street in this report went threw the same thing our building has them to check with canadian pest control

I found bed bugs in my apartment at Burton. I had to throw away everything.. All my furniture and my bed. When my parents and I were moving everything out we found at least 5 live bugs (babies and full grown) and then when I went in to hand in my keys, Alex told me that Canadian Pest control checked my apartment and there were no signs of bugs.. Well the pest control are the ones who told me the place was clear after extermination and I found live bugs the DAY I moved back in and SHOWED alex the

bug and then the day I handed in my keys he implied I had brought the bug he saw from somewhere else. Like I WANTED to move. Like I WANTED to throw away everything I owned. Like I WANTED to give away my damage deposit.

What a ridiculous experience.

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Ha ha Alex!

This place is crawling with bedbugs and you know it. No treatment has been done.

The apt. of the writer above was checked immediately by Canadian Pest Control, neither signs of bed bugs were find or traced. The letter given out to tenants should provide general character of knowledge and precautions to be considered when taking/ bringing possessions from/ to different places. I hope this will help.


At approximately 1 am this morning I found a fully grown bed bug crawling on my couch.

A few days ago the building caretaker circulated the following notice to each apartment:

Dear Tenants of Burton Manor:

As bedbugs are grooving problem in Vancouver and other cities we would like to inform you that all second hand possessions (beds, mattress, sofas, chairs and other furniture) are potential sources of infestation and therefor threat to your apartment and the building, so please follow

the necessary preventative measures:

Do not bring any used furniture to the building regardless of the source of acquisition: friends, craigslist and/or any other places.
Do not leave any furniture, possessions, clothing in neither building locations: lobby, laundry room, garbage containers/blue bins area. Please no "free stuff" should be left/taken anywhere.
Dispose your unneeded possessions properly, if necessary arrange them to be taken away by third parties (possessions removing service contractors, Salvation Army, etc)

We cannot take any responsibility for bed bugs infestation caused by tenants who are disregarding precaution measures mentioned the above.

Please take this notice seriously, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation of the matter above.

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