516 Ash St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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I moved out in October 2010 because of the bed bugs. I had three major infestations between May 2010 and October 31st 2010.

I had asked the Landlord about any bug problems with the building and he assured me there were none. Yet 3 weeks after I moved in I was infested with bed bugs and other tenants came forth and told me it has been an ongoing problem for a long time in that building.

Rights are: landlord is required to pay for fumigation. Obligation of the tenant? ... to take as many precautions as possible - launder everything, be vigilant, avoid shared areas, and so forth. Remove infected furniture responsibly. Don't leave it in the alley. Call a waste disposal company and pay to have the stuff hauled away. Don't drag things up from the bins or hallways. Bedbugs can and do go "under" the wire for up to two years (at the extreme). Do your research on the topic.

Over the past several months (since Sept. 2009), bed bugs have been found in several apartments in this building. Our suite has been infested with them. The landlord hired 2 different bug removal companies, but to no avail. Finally it appears that the bugs have gone away or died. The last inspection (August 20, 2010) did not reveal any sign of them in our apartment. Hopefully they are also gone from the building.

Do tenants have any rights when their apartment gets infested with bed bugs? If

so, what are their rights?

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