516 11th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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To our knowledge bedbugs arrived in our building sometime in the spring/summer of 2011. There were 3 apartments affected. The landlord treated them promptly and also sent a sniffer dog to suites in the vicinity of bedbugs. Initially we were all clear, but unfortunately bedbugs found their way to our suite at the end of 2011. We're still dealing with this and we're scheduled to get our second treatment in the next few days. Like most people here we had to throw many things out & are still in the

midst of clean up/washing... We don't know if there are any other suites with bedbugs at the moment, but it's likely there are...

see full report...

Aug 1 2011 3 units were found to have bedbugs,
1 unit needed to be treated 3 times and are still not sure the unit is clear. we have asked to have the a joining units treated but they would not do it , now Sept 16 there are 8 units with bedbug in the building and landlord will only do one treatment per unit with no fallow up treatments as is recommended .

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