515 9th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Moved here in November 2011, was told there was never any problem of infestation when we inquired with the building manager. Around January my husband and eldest daughter started to show what looked like red bumps on their skin that were extremely itchy. Went to the doctor three times and was misdiagnosed as scabies. Myself and my younger daughter had a few itchy bumps too. Ended up spending over $200 on medication for supposed scabies. Noticed a bug crawling on our couch, we stuck it in a

jar and looked it up......sure enough, it's a bedbug!!

We looked around the baseboards of our kids room (their room is right beside the laundry room) and there were tons of bugs, dead and alive!!

We called the building manager and he asked if we were sure that it was bedbugs, we assured him that it was and he said he will call pest control and have them get a hold of us asap. He said that the building was fumigated recently from top to bottom.

We have already gotten rid of our bed, now to see what goes next....probably everything!! I have NEVER dealt with this before, not sure how to handle this now, I am reading up on it like crazy. I am open to any suggestions on how to deal with the bites and the bugs, this is a big pain in the hiney!!

Granted, it's an old building but since there was a problem reported before, I think it's time to look for a new place right away!!

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i been here for 3 months no bed bugs so far!they renovated most of the suites.New owners also new management!

suite was sprayed again on Thursday, June 16th. apparently the entire building was treated. i now have no furniture left to sit or sleep on because i don't believe the pest control company used to treat this building are any good. they are unprofessional and complete idiots. they also left my apartment UNLOCKED after the suite was sprayed and if my mom had not showed up here to check on things, it would have been unlocked for 2 days straight.
i am tired of the lack of proper management in this

building and i am convinced this building is infested with bed bugs and the owners just choose not to admit it.

scum sucking pricks as far as i see it. don't live at 515 ninth street in New west. it's a shit hole!

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just wanted to say that i have NEVER had bedbugs nor did i have them prior to moving in to this shit-hole building on 9th street, in New West.
i moved here Feb.25, 2011, and 2 weeks ago, the thursday before the long easter weekend, i found a huge adult bedbug under my pillow when i went to get out of bed. i killed it and it burst with a bunch of blood. i freaked out, called the landlord, heard nothing back until the following sunday, almost 10 days later.
we set a date and fumigated (apparent

ly they had their own pest control company) this past thursday, and after 6 hours out of my suite, i came back and found one still alive in the middle of my mattress. i threw the mattress and box spring out and now i only have my couch to sleep on.

the pest control guy said i caught it early and that if they come back, they will have to check the neighbors and see if that's where they are coming from.
ive been sleeping on my couch for the last few nights and i swear ive been itchy here and there but i haven't found any bites yet. my mom is badly allergic to bed bug bites and she is spending the night tonight- if she gets bit and has a reaction, we will know for sure they are not gone.

i will add another report if this problem persists but as it stands the landlord/manager of this building is a prick.

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