514 13th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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RATS RATS RATS MICE MICE MICE MICE RAOCHES ROACHES ROACHES FLEAS FLEAS FLEAS FLEAS! BEDBUGS BEDBUGS BEDBUGS! DO NOT RENT HERE!!! I too had A LOT of rats and mice in my apartment there. They were coming up from under the floor because the flooring was not properly put in. Their were so many of them. I had to move out shortley after I lived there but the building manager refused to help me. I was told by so many people while I lived there about the constant problems with bedbugs and I wouldnt rent

this place to the homeless!!! To be made to think that those apartments are the greatest place to live and move in..... its was devestating. The costs I still am trying to pay off from the moving. I had to throw out so many of my belongings before I moved afraid to have bedbugs and drag it to my new place. There are roaches in this building and I was told by close friends in there that there are a lot of them too. My apartment was very filthy when I moved in and I had to clean up fesis off of the floors. My appliance were absolute SHIT! I was told id have new ones but it didnt happen the intire time I lived there. I even know the children in the building and around the building all had head lice. This is definitey not the place you want to rent!!! Im typing this up to warn people so they dont make the same mistake that I did. I feel so sorry for the poeple who are moving in there and have no idea what they are moving into. The fire alarms do go off all the time in that building. Frazer prospects look nice from the outside, but the inside is a whole different story. They are extremley cheap when it comes to renos and fixing up the apartments. They will rip you off to find anything wrong with your apartment so they can steal your deposit. Making people think they have a great apartment and letting them live with rodents and in complete filth! Shame on you Capilano Property Managment. This is no way to treat people who give you at least $1000 a month!!!

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What ISN'T wrong with this building???
Holy mother of - I really, really feel for the resident manager.
He can do absolutely NOTHING unless he first gets strict permission from Capilano Property Management...who are greedy, extremely cheap and use the most cheapest materials while continuing to raise their rents.

Who else has had problems of the fire alarms having to be disabled - because it rains...
Who else has the fire department called at least once a month because of faulty wires sett

ing off the alarms?

mice are frequently seen as there are huge gaps between the walls and the floor heaters and in the closests...

the sinks continously back up and the smell coming from the sinks and toilet even after cleaning still makes one ill. You clean and can never get rid of the mold inside the toilets.
There are leaks everywhere, and places where you can tell leaking has happened before.

Who knows just how many people are really, really sick in this building and just do not realize what it is that's making them so.

And THEN they make YOU pay for any repairs needed that were not caused by you, and make YOU pay for inspections and "professional cleaning" of your apartment or the owners WILL CHARGE YOU!

I am certain this company is breaking so many laws of the residential tenantcy act.

This building 100% should have been condemmed years ago.

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