508 8th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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This building has many problems, bugs, mice, rats, etc. Does anyone know who actually owns this building as the current landlord will not release that information to anyone.

I lived in this building about a year ago and I had to move as the problem kept getting worse even they claimed they spayed a number of times. I lost all my furniture and did not get compensated for it. I heard from other tenants that the problem had been in the building for years.

I have removed my message (Anonymous on 12/07/2010) "UNDER DURESS".
I have every intention to keep prospective renters up-to-date on the bed bug situation in this building.I have suffered enough and don't want anyone older or younger to go through the pain and suffering I had to.Also I have never received any sort of an apology or compensation for lost furniture, time being told not to use my apt (which I had paid rent for) and the effect the whole situation had on my job performance as I didn'

t sleep properly for a VERY LONG TIME.

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Has had bugs since June 2010. Only one pest company has been used, and has still not eliminated. Made inspection in November, still bugs on bed, on floor, and some found in traps in kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Sept 30/09 508 - 8th Street New Westminster

On going for 3 years, that I know of,
also agree with 09/03/2009 mice also. It is gross, furniture can not be used again, can not really move as you might bring bugs with you.

Not only bed bugs, they had mice. It was terrible!!!

Known long history of bedbugs.

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