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Experienced the exact same as the below mentioned. PM has definitely dropped the ball and I am thoroughly disgusted by the whole situation. PM has done "due diligence" in this matter, but in a very SLOW manner. By allowing so much time to go by, I believe they have allowed the infestation to spread. I had to make every effort of contact to find out exactly was going on and often my questions went unanswered. Bedbugs were discovered on the 13th and treatment has not been planned until the 28

th. That to me is unacceptable.

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The PM has scheduled first and subsequent applications, and info prep sheet received. There are numerous other buildings near mine that have had recent reports, people's lack of knowledge coupled with this being a small community has allowed the infestation to spread like wildfire.
It can not be stressed enough that we must be vigilant and take the view that this is everyone's problem if we are to win the battle. Be prepared, bed bugs are coming to a neighbourhood near you soon!

Bed bugs were discovered in my unit, the unit next to me, and the unit above me. The PM called an exterminator to inspect with a beagle on November 12, 2008. I told the pest control associate and my PM, that I was certain it had been at least two months since I started noticing strange bites on my legs.
I was not given a prep sheet, nor was I given a date for treatment applications.
I called the pest control company and was told that is was up to the PM to schedule a date, yet none has been sc

My apartment stinks from the odor of the bugs and I must wear a full hazmat suit in my unit due to the numerous bites on my legs and the subsequent swelling, not to mention the anemia.
My PM will not return my calls, nor respond to emails.

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