420 7th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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This Apartment Building has now had three Bed Bug problems...the most recent a few days ago. Apparently they had a serious problem approximately two years ago on the 2nd floor. The Property Management company at that time was supposed to take of the problem..apparently did not do a thorough job. The second time was a few months ago in the Penthouse. I requested they look at my apartment and check the other suites (which they did not) just checked a few. Now we have another problem (again)on

the 2nd floor in a few short months. We have a new Property Management company that took over in April, I explained to them that there was a problem and as tenants we were entitled to know what was specifically done last time, they just brushed it off. So now Tenants are talking about a class action suit because its not only the Bed Bug issue but a maintenance one ..a lack of fixing things.If I had known there had been a Bed Bug probloem previously I would not hyave rented here.

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