417 8th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Other tenants say landlord was spotted destroying mattress behind building recently. Saw shredded mattress behind building yesterday.
Have not been here long, mice and bedbugs seem to be ongoing problem in this building and entire area.


Myself and my daughter lived in your suite from May 2008 to March 2009 and encountered bedbugs for the first time in my life 10 days after we moved in. I had them identified at work by my boss and called the landlords who didn't react all that surprised but I am a pushy B#[email protected]# and wouldn't take anything less than getting the suite sprayed. Turns out the tenants across the hall had them so bad themselves and their infant were getting bitten. The previous tenant who lived in your suite, b

efore me, moved to the other end of the same floor but didn't tell the landlords about the bedbugs. The suite directly below me, I believe, had bedbugs also as they left furniture behind upon moving. Well, I did a no-no after the fumigators came and sprayed... I did everything exactly as I was supposed to and left everything sealed for 10 days until they sprayed the 2nd time. Three days after I unpacked a bedbug marched across my computer desk in the livingroom. I was beyond pissed and didn't want to be dealing with this any longer. (incidentally, the only bedbugs ever seen were in my daughter's room at the back of the suite) I had some leftover diazinon (banned pesticide) that I diluted and sprayed on the baseboards, furniture, heat registers, etc. At work I picked up some diotamaceous earth and applied it to the mattresses and inside the outlets. We didn't see another bedbug the remainder of the 10 months we lived there, but I also made my daughter roll up her pant cuffs before she entered the building.

Paul, protect yourself and go get some diotamaceous earth from Gardenworks. It's completely safe for humans and pets, odorless and tasteless. My mother has leukemia and has had to use it in her suite in Burnaby as well.

I live in Edmonton now and there is a problem here too. A classmate is fighting with her landlord because the landlord is negligent and knew there were bedbugs in the suite before she and her infant son moved in.

Good luck to you and anyone else reading this!

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I just moved in this building and I am alrmed of the bed bug scare i know the building is in fested with mice and they dont want to do anything about this. I am in 307 please contact me if you wish and lets get this matter dealt with.

Oct.11,2010.Just moved in September 1 and was told nothing about disgusting bedbugs in the building,We are both covered in bites and have spent over $50.00 of our own money trying to get rid of them,no success,Talked to the landlord told them they were on the registry and it did not even faze her,We do not feel like we should have to pay a full months rent because we are still trying to get rid of them at our own expense.The landlord told us we should have contacted them we tried and they never

returned our calls,so what are we supposed to do live with it?The building needs to be fumigated because 1 apartment at a time is just spreading them around the building ,Where do we go from here?

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417 8th Street... Saw manager pulling mattress out of the building uncovered by a bag. My significant other heard the manager on his phone say " so they're just in the mattress, if i get rid of the mattress the problem's solved right?" Later in the same conversation with an unknown person on the phone the manager said that he'd need several suites sprayed 7 or 8."

I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but consider there are only maybe 18 to 20 suites in the whole building! You do the m


Avoid the bed bug plague!

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April 11th, 2010.

Bedbugs appeared in my mattress suite 305. Other tenants say bedbugs are frequent problem... landlord sprayed today in room 305 and 207.

Landlord has tendancy to remove and destroy your furniture/matresses before you have a chance to properly seal/treat them. Be careful if you plan on moving here.

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