411 8th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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In early Sept. 2010, I was called upon, to assist with another relative, our disabled relative prepare his apartment for bed bug spraying. It was a lot of work and at the time only one bed bug was detected in his place. The spraying appeared to work, but by Dec 2010 my relative reported the presence of a couple of bedbugs. I returned in Jan 2011, to prepare once again his place for spraying. All appeared to be good until April 2011, where upon we tired of helping and had many other weekend o

bligations so he got a friend to assist him. As the months progressed, our relative complained that there were bedbugs, we were unable to assist him until October 2011. When we arrived to his place on October 27, 2011, it was a horror show, just crawling with bed bugs. It was way, way,worse than we'd anticipated. I could not deal with it. My partner spent two full days doing what it took to kill them. His mattrass had to be thrown out, and most of his possessions. My partner has since spent every weekend since doing bed bug control because the so called spraying of the building has been ineffective. The building is sprayed apartment to appartment or only one floor at a time so that these bed bugs will never be eradicated. Methods used: washing of clothing and bedding every week, the use of sprays, the use of bed bug powders which cover about 60% of the apartment's floor space, hot water and drowning of bed bugs,hands on killing, steam heat, bed bug trap boxes. It has been literally bed bug warfare!!! This weekly control effort needs to continue until our relative moves which will need to happen as there is absolutely no end to this situation. Unfortunately finding affordable housing in the city he has lived for thirty years is not easy and will take time!

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Moved in recently....got bites....landlord had pest control in.....still got bites. Don`t Move here. TWO OTHER TENANTS MOVED OUT WITHIN THE LAST TWO WEEKS CUZ OF BED BUGS. I AM JUST LEAVING EVERYTHING THERE AND MOVIN`ON!!!

April 2010, been living in the building a while, but I guess if everyone around you gets them its only a matter of time.

Do not recommend moving in here. The owner does not deal effectively with problems.

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