404 Ash St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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Inspectors found bed bugs in my suite a week ago still waiting for the extermintator to come.. have found 4 other suites with it as well.. July 18 2012, The guy comes sprays the infected suite but not the whole building as he says BC does not allow him to spray the whole building unless a bug is found in the suite!Never heard that bylaw before?????? So they just travel around apt to apt., landlady is cheap! Quick to knock on door on the first for rent but expects us to live with these bugs as s

he does not live here

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When I first moved into this building in 2006 they had a bad bedbug problem, I moved out mid way through 2010 and they STILL had the bedbug problem, it just moves from suite to suite does not seem like they are treating the problem at all.

This whole building is infested with bedbugs. The landlord is treating individual apartments but the whole building needs to be treated. The infestation is so bad they are coming through bathroom vents and falling off ceilings. People are moving out and leaving all their belongings behind.

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