335 13th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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there is bedbugs there never left there still at this location we are moving and have to leave our bed and couches here couse of the bugs now who going to pay for new furnuter not the east indians who arnt treating the rats mice and bed bugs properly

I can now unequivably state that there are NO MORE bedbugs here! Thanks to the landlord spraying twice and some diatomaceous earth!

I have lived here for two years without a problem, until two months ago. My nieghbours were moving used furniture in and out, and finally they moved out. Soon I was getting bites. My landlord sprayed my place, but not the vacant suite where the BB's originated from. I was pest free for two weeks but they are back with a vengence! I have disposed of pillows, blankets, clothes, shoes, a couch, a chair, my spare foamies for guests, etc, etc. I love my apartment, but I am thinking of moving....out o

f town!

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