333 10th St
New Westminster, BC V3M

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An appointment on the 2nd floor this building has reported beg bugs to the landlord and she has/is taking the necessary steps to have the suite fumigated. However I don't believe she is have the adjacent apartments (below, above and beside) fumigated also.

Bed bugs are a big problem in largely populated areas in BC (ie the lower main land) and tenants of large sleeping buildings are most at risk.

If a landlords tells you "we don't have bedbugs" he/she is lying. They came here with force during the Olympics and they're here to stay.

It’s important that you tell the landlord as soon as you suspect you have bedbugs and that you also cooperate with any pest control actions.

Your landlord is responsible for treating a bed bug infestatio

n and should spray suites beside and above/below the infested suite.

Check for signs of bed bugs before moving into a place. Bed bugs are attracted to living things and feed on blood, not filth, however you can take steps to prevent or control bed bug infestations by keeping a neat home since a vacuum can suck up bedbugs and eggs alike.

If you refuse to cooperate you could face eviction. The City of Vancouver enforces pest control through their Standards of Maintenance Bylaw. Phone the City at 604-873-7398 if your landlord is not dealing with the bedbug situation. For other municipalities, call your City Hall.

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A man on the third floor told me his apartment was infested with them. Also another woman in the building told me that the second floor was infested. So far I have not had problems in my third floor apartment but am very weary and wondering what my tenant rights are in regards to this issue. Does the landlord have an obligation to tell me?

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