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for those wondering who this non existent owner is, we write our rent checks to "bakonyi holdings". The city has the owner of 325 ash st listed as Vera bakonyi. Perhaps she should look into her disgusting property? Maybe she should know what her "manager" is doing! This place is disgusting! Report the problem and wait 2 weeks for an appointment to be sprayed, if they even take u seriously. Just wrong. Both Vera and Kevin should be embarrassed about this place! Garbage everywhere, bugs and mold,

people having sex in the laundry room and deficating in the elevators entrance and stairs! So gross!

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This place is absolutely a piece of shit dump just like Kevin the manager this guy does not know anything as far as management goes such a goof dog and the owner of the place is even more of an idiot for keeping this place up how is it even still up??!!??!! Bed bug infestation will not even describe the place it has more shit in it then a zoo. bc health autority should really go after the owner of this safari and have the person held responsible for the management of this building taken care of

they change the carpets in the hallway but not the units?? Such poor management

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This place is absolutely disgusting. The *manager* is useless and you can't even find the property owner..its all very questionable as to who is really in charge there. The bedbugs are unreal..the garbage and furniture says enough about what kind of place it is..there's people who have been there for years and it makes you really wonder why. I will never live in an apartment again because this place really ruined it for me.. Its THAT bad. Infested

The slums..

This has been an issue here for years. Please, all tenants talk to each other! Despite what management says , you are not alone, you are not the only one!! I've heard all the lines, the only way to truly fix this is to work together and take it on as a team. Strength in numbers! Next time you see a neighbour talk to them, say the word "bed bug" and you will be met with an immediate understanding. Everyone here has been told that they are the only ones with this problem, everyone has been blamed.

All "management" does is chase them through the building spraying one suite at a time. We're hostage here, we can't move without taking these bugs with us. Please, everyone, talk and stand together!! I for one will!

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I have lived in the building for just about a year now and the problem isnt fixed by any means...about 4 months ago or so started having bites all over my arms and hands and legs..big red welts...never having to deal with bed bugs before wasnt sure what the issue was went to my doctor..when I was told I have a BED BUG PROBLEM!!! I am beside myself and like all of the other posts the "landlord" is a douchebag and avoids dealing with the problem ..telling me that "your the only one with these issu

es..you must have brought them with you"!! I have noticed that since being here the amount of "furniture" that ends up in or beside the dumpster is crazy !! now i honestly see why..I agree that some of the posts on the registry might be false or made by a disgruntle tenant..but let me assure you that this is not at all the case at 325 Ash street it is as I have found out a bed bug mansion!!! the landlord here is a bully and doesnt care or do anything to fix the issue!! wish I never moved here!!! :( what am I to do ..bring these pesty companions to my next place...No thank you!!

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Once again (yes again) for the past 4 years we have been dealing with this problem! On and off, every apartment. Management likes to treat one suite at a time, chasing the bugs through the building. Manager lies about the situation claiming you are the only person dealing with this problem, passes blame onto tenants when the whole building has a problem. Will agree to initial spary but doesn't bother with follow ups. Nor treat surrounding apartments or common areas (like carpeted hallways or lau

ndry room) Management will make you feel embarrassed as to keep you from asking other tenants about the problem he tries so hard to hide. EVERYONE who lives or has lived here in the past 4 years has had to deal with this and in most cases takes their bed bugs companions to future homes. how do we put a stop to this?

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This place is a dump!!! No one move in this building, it is filled with bed bugs and landlord does nothing. Worst building in new Westminster!!! This place should bee torn down or have the bed bug problem fixed PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bed Bug Mansion this place is!!!!!!!

I lived in this building for 7 months from July 2010 to February 2011. The last couple of weeks before we moved out, we starting finding them. My roomate was getting bit however they were not biting me. This building is a disgusting dump and the manager was not helpful at all. Like I've seen in the previous messages it seemed like they didn't even spray at all. This building is not even worth the effort. If it was me I would tear that whole place down and build a new one.. GROSSE
I am traumat

ized and extremely paranoid now!

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I just found another bed bug today. I'm on the 3rd floor. That makes 3 bed bugs I've found since i've lived here. I was bitten already as well.

This is the first time I've had to deal with this... I hope something is done about this soon.

It's a never ending battle, both with the bugs and with managment. There is an "exterminator" to treat, however on more then one occasion i have found this "qualified" "proffesional" is really neither. They do not do any of the things that are listed on any other P.C.O website. ie. lifting carpets to treat,moving things (even a peice of paper was right where it was once they had finished). I have serious doubts about whether or not they are even using chemicals. from what I have read here I beli

ve that many people in this building are having problems. Time for this whole building to be treated by a qualified,licensed profession, who will continue to treat until everybody is %100 satisfied.

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This apartment has had lots of problems with bedbugs.The manager has not cared enough to try and fully resolve the problem properly.There has been complaints made to Healthboard BC and action is being taken immediately.Things will change because no one wants to live with bugs.The manager knows nothing about his job and shouldn't have it if it can't be done properly.A change is in order.

which floor? apt?

i myself have had a problem with bed buugs. i have foung quite a few large ones recently and had to chuck out my matress and boxspring.i have notified managemnet but still nothing has been done.i have not gotten bitten however i see them in the corners of the wall and they were all over my bed.

it started 4months ago when i found the first bedbug. I reported it to the managment and they dealt with the issue,or so i thought. my house was treated by what was portrayed as a qualified P.C.O. A month later it started all over again, onece again i informed managment and it was dealt with by the same company. I thought it was over, until we were still getting bit leaving large welts that would last for days. I informed managment again and was told that somehow it was my fault and they would n

ot be treating again. managment informed me that the company they used has stated that "i do not have a problem", (i wish) since they "treated" my home i have found many live and full grown specimans (some in the same month taht they treated, long after they should have died). I still have them and have been trying to keep them under control myself but it appears to not work. Managment has told me that i must be financially responsible for anymore treatments, whitch is against the bylaw in my city, however that would mean having to pay for the surrounding suites to be treated as well.managment has stated that nobody else has this problem,but i am unbelieving.

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